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Nature is always

our inspiration

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Vinya Son Alegre is dedicated to growing grapes in harmony with nature. We approach agriculture with an organic and biodynamic understanding. We believe that natural processes and their interactions are not only necessary, but essential for the development of the vine and the production of unique, high-quality wines.

We are committed to nature and our wines reflect that passion

At Son Alegre Celler, we take an organic and biodynamic approach to farming, focusing on grapes, olives and Xeixa wheat, because we simply love nature and see the challenges it poses as part of our personal way of life, of growing , acceptance and continuity. The elaboration of wine or olive oil is for us a matter of true quality. We see ourselves as part of the greater good that is the universe and we see our role on earth as nurturing and giving back to the earth what she has given us all along. It is really a value assessment.

At Son Alegre Celler we do not plow the land

We believe that it is best to leave nature untouched as much as possible. We believe that a more diverse soil microbiome will, in general, lead to fewer plant diseases, higher yields and a better harvest of grapes. For us, a passionate approach to organic, organic, biological and biodynamic farming is the only conscious way to make wine.

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Sileo extra virgin olive oil is 100% organic

Sileo extra virgin olive oil is one of the very select Mallorcan olive oils of 100% organic and 100% vegan quality.

Nature helps us to make a better extra virgin olive oil

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Our Wine Tastings and Tours

Now that we are coming to the end of autumn and heading into winter our wine tasting events have come to an end and will restart in March next year. Thank you all for having visited us this year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2024!

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