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Sparrows in the vineyard, Vinya Son Alegre

Son Alegre is a young vineyard from Santanyí producing organic wine. Our grapes are cultivated according to biodynamic principles. Our wines are controlled by the CBPAE (Consell Balear Regulador de l’Agricltura Ecològica - Balearic Council of Organic Agricultural Production).


At Son Alegre, we think highly of Nature because when we respect the environment and act in a responsible way, Nature will help us make a better wine.


The more we honour the holistic interaction of our vines with the native flora, often mistakenly called weeds, and the influence of native insects, bugs and other tiny creatures, the more thriving and healthy our grapes will grow.


Once the vines are planted, we do not plough our fields. To leave the soil unploughed we need to irrigate our vines whenever necessary. Water is brought up from a historic source on our land by using solar panels, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Son Alegre wine is made with the help of nature.

vineyard flowers, vinya son alegre

Nature helps us make a better wine.

Agriculture can be done

in a holistic way.


We cultivate our vines according to biodynamic principles.


We do not plough our vineyard with heavy machinery. We use biodynamic compost produced from the pulp of grapes and other plant and mineral components plus our own organic manure. We allow a ground cover of wild flowers and grasses all year round, inviting insects and beetles to habitate and work the land for us.


We carry out pruning according to the lunar calendar. We perform all tasks in the vineyard by hand. We refrain from the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. We reduce the permitted doses of copper and sulphur used to prevent mildew by more than 80%. We use infusions of medicinal plant substances to prevent diseases.


In short, we simply allow nature to do its integrated and holistic task even if it may lead to smaller quantities and a lower profit margin.

Our respect for nature has so far given us good harvests. It may not always be perfect, but it is always in accordance with our sanity, health and peace of mind.


We want our soil to remain of good use for future generations. We aim to give back to Nature what Nature has given us, forever more.

Son Alegre wine is the result of the love of our land.


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