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Son Alegre vinya Picarol blanc 2013

Pep Costa 2015 blanc

This mellow white wine of our 2017 season is dedicated to Josep Costa Ferrer, the founder of Cala d’Or. We applaud Pep Costa’s vision and are happy to bear witness to him being named Hijo adoptivo de Santanyí later this year (on August 11th, 2017).

Pep Costa 2015 blanc is composed of Giró Ros grapes. This white wine matured for ten months in stainless steel tanks and a further nine months in the bottle. The bottling was done in June 2016. The alcohol content is 12.8% Vol. Only 4,000 bottles were produced. 

Pep Costa 2015 blanc is well suited to the hot days of the Mediterranean summer and the setting of our beautiful Isla de la Calma. The wine is appealing to the palate and is fresh and distinct. The colour is rich and round. The wine has a fruity disposition and can be drunk on its own, in good company, with snacks, cheese or tapas, with fish or with chicken, with meat or pasta, and also with vegetarian dishes. 

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