Son Alegre vinya Picarol blanc 2013

Foner 2016 rosat


The Rosé wine of our 2017 season is launched to honour the stone slingers of Mallorca, their ancient practice of hurling stones and their unparalleled prowess.


Foner 2016 rosat is a composition of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes. The wine’s ageing process occurred over six months in vats plus a further six weeks in the bottle. Its alcohol content is 13.5% Vol. A total of 8,000 bottles were produced.


Foner 2016 rosat Rosé wine is best consumed during the hot days of our Mallorcan Summer. The wine offers a gentle fruitiness to the palate. The pale rosé colour is clear and crisp. The wine has a pronounced character and can be drunk on its own, in the good company of friends and family, with cheese and biscuits, with fresh fish or chicken, with white meat, pasta, pizza or vegetarian meals.