Son Alegre vinya Picarol blanc 2013

Ramon Lo Foll 2016 blanc


The new white wine of our 2017 season is dedicated to Ramon Llull, the Mallorcan writer, philosopher, teacher and mystic of the 13th century whose 700th anniversary of death was celebrated last year. He called himself, jokingly, Ramon Lo Foll (Ramon the Fool). We admire Ramon Llull and respect his way of contemplating the world. He was one of the greatest thinkers that Mallorca has ever seen and we are glad to pay homage to this outstanding man.


Ramon Lo Foll 2016 blanc is a blend of Chardonnay, Giró Ros and Malvasía grapes. The white wine matured for six months in stainless steel tanks and a further two months in the bottle. The wine was bottled in March 2017. The alcohol content is 12.5% Vol. A total of 8,000 bottles were produced.


Ramon Lo Foll 2016 blanc is well suited to the Mediterranean climate and the setting of the island of Mallorca. The refreshing wine is pleasing and clean on the palate. Its colour is translucent and sunny. The wine has a distinct character and can be enjoyed on its own, in the company of good friends, with snacks or cheese, with fresh fish or chicken, white meat, pasta or vegetarian dishes.